ChargeMaster 4 in 1 Charging Dock
ChargeMaster 4 in 1 Charging Dock

ChargeMaster 4 in 1 Charging Dock

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No more messy cables on your counter top!

ChargeMaster is the first 4 in 1 charging port that can charge all of your devices at the same time! It can be used with iOS, USB Type C & Micro USB to meet all of your battery needs

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Scientifically engineered to use the most advanced automatic control technology on the market. There are built in safeguards against overcharge, over correct, over-voltage, temperature control, foreign object detection all in place to guard your devices battery against damage.

ChargeMaster™️ 4 in 1 Charging Dock

Includes a rotatable interface with three different charging cables, and an AirPod charger, Apple Watch stand charger, and a wireless charging port in the middle.. what more could you ask for?

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4 in 1 Charger - this ultimate charging dock can charge up to 4 different devices at once so you’ll never be caught without battery again.

Fast Charging - It has fast charging option for all of the ports and an advanced technology to avoid overcharge.

High Quality - Made of environmental ABS with rubber oil coating, perfectly finished for a solid build, highlights edge and smooth surface, won't scratch your devices. The non-slid pad on the bottom enhances the stability of the whole unit.

Easy Installation - Simply plug and play! Plug the appropriate corresponding cable to the correct device and you’re good to go.

Compatibility - With all of its different interfaces and charging options this special charging dock is compatible with almost every smartphone on the market!

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